My name is Debora, I am a single woman and mother of a beautiful 8-year-old daughter. I was born in Geneva, Switzerland, on December 14, 1988.

I grew up without my father who abandoned me at the age of 3, after which my mother remarried with my father-in-law who is Tunisian. I have two brothers and a sister.

I went through all my compulsory schools, I started working at age 16, and I graduated as a receptionist five years ago. Currently I work for an event agency or I work as a hostess, I carry out missions or I run workshops for children, and/or I carry out decorations for shopping centers at events.

I have had extreme experiences in my life that have forced me to focus on what I want in life or not. I also travelled a lot and saw other horizons. This allowed me to become aware of several things that happen in the world and that we do not necessarily see when we do not know.

Distant journeys have allowed me to give others my joy, my light and sometimes my help.

I am a very jovial woman and I like to laugh a lot, but like all extremes I also know how to be serious. I am determined to succeed in my career as a woman to prove to others that life can sometimes be difficult but that if one has the determination, one has the strength to do great things, being a woman or not and mother or not. I want my title, if I get it, to allow me to make all women like me want to succeed.

I have passions like photography that I have been practicing for several years, with

professional photographers, I also love the sport I practice daily.

The sports I have practiced are swimming, judo, running, Thai muai, and currently I do my sport at the gym or at home at home.

I also love animals, I have a dog, a cat, birds and a lizard, I love so much what these little companions can bring us.

I often take walks or hikes in the nature with my dog and my daughter. I am close to nature because it has a very soothing effect on me.

As for my greatest desires, the first would be to become a homeowner, and the second would be to work in this field that I love so much fashion, to have the chance to become the face of a brand or even several.

I know that this experience will be for me a form of learning to be able to improve what I don’t know yet and become better in my modeling field, as well as working on my personality, all this will add to my career a form of concretization and consolidation of all that I have been able to do and learn so far in the field of modeling. 

Becoming Miss is for my part my last straight line, my great mission.

They should do their best and make the most of this unique experience.

It is true that like any competitor, I am a little stressed but I think that knows a good stress. I just keep living.

Becoming Miss is my future project.

Later in the future, I would like to work in my field, which is modeling, and join my family life.