Today let’s meet our beautiful miss from Philippines

‘’My name is Catarina and I am a Filipina/Swedish mix. I was born and raised in Sweden but I also grew up in the Philippines. I grew up in the countryside. I love being in nature, I enjoy hiking, fishing and just living in the moment. I love adventure, you’ll never find me in the same place for too long. I like to move around a lot and I’m always searching for new adrenaline rushes.

I’m In love with music, art and modeling. These are my greatest passions in life, what I do and what I’m gonna keep on doing. What I want from this experience is to grow and learn. Have a great time and make new friends.

My suggestion is to not take yourself too seriously. And stop being so nervous, girl u go this. Just trying to be positive and just being grateful for this opportunity. For my future I will continue with my passions, I would also like to travel more.’’

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