Today let’s meet our beautiful miss from Luxembourg.

‘’My name is Erica Samanta Fondse Gomes , I’m 20 years old and my close friends and family call me by my nickname Sammy.

I’m a very funny person, I love adventure and adrenaline. My hobbies it’s reading articles and books, shopping, new places  and enjoying them with friends and family.

I’m from Madeira,Portugal where I lived my whole life until last year, and I came to Luxembourg to experience something different and new and also to learn new languages.

I always dreamed about being an important advocate or having a job in the fashion world (something that I always loved).

  I expect to learn more about the fashion world, to improve my skills as a model and also as a person. This experience it’s like a dream come true and I am very grateful for the invitation to participate in it.

My advice it's not a competition for me but a moment that we should all enjoy, but also I’m not coming on vacation. I’m preparing to face it with determination and strength

My future projects it’s to have a job that I love and where I can grow up as a person and professionally. I want to create my own family and a healthy home.

The future is something that we need to work and start in the present time. That’s what I’m trying to do right now.’’

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