My name is Sine Gurdal and  I was born in Romania, but my parents are Turkish and currently I am living in Dubai. 

My passion since childhood was art, because art can be found in anything that surrounds us and it is not always what you see, it is what you make others see. Art speaks where words are unable to and that it’s fascinating and I feel that this represents me a lot, thus I was always fascinated with music and fashion, as i am coming from an artistic family. My mother is a fashion designer, my grandfather is an artist and my great-grandfather was a very famous architect in Turkey, therefore I have been always surrounded by many artists and this always helped me to get inspired. Due to this, I am studying at the moment, in Dubai, interior design and architecture, because I always felt this domain is part of me, as well as modeling. I am modeling since I was a baby, I have always been surrounded by great fashion designers and mentors that helped me grow a lot in this life, spiritual and career wise. I am used to being in the spotlights, participating to events and taking part of different interviews. I always dreamed to be a model, so I can not only be inspired, but to also inspire others, because the most beautiful thing I find in this life is when you have the opportunity to inspire others and have a positive impact on them. 

Miss Europe Continental means to me a great new experience, where I get the chance to meet great people, from all over the world, with different cultures and values, and learn something new from each person. I feel grateful for this opportunity and for every moment I will get to spend in this competition. I will use everything that comes my way to grow and to give. I will choose every day to be in a beautiful state, no matter what challenge comes my way. I will master my emotions and my hard days will become my best days. Each day that I get to be there I will focus on all that I already have, what I can change in that day, all that my present moments have to offer and the compelling future ahead of me. I will take massive action in the abundance of grace. I will choose every day to be in a peak state, I will move my body in a way that increases my energy. I will discipline my disappointments, trade expectation for appreciation and I will find the good in everything.