Let's meet our Miss Egypt Mohga Elghandour:

Our beautiful model is Mohga Elghandour, she was born in Egypt and she’s been living in Dubai for eleven years, where she works hard to be the powerful business woman that she is. She has her own cosmetics and perfume brand Mogy cosmetics.

Mohga is so beautiful that she could be a model for all time, she is into fitness world as well and she also works as a TV presenter, and she's doing it great!

She will have her new big show coming this year in Egyptian screens and her first role in a big film project. 

She works hard to have a great career. She's always stunning and fashionista, a businesswoman. Her dark long hair and her deep look give her a strong personality and she doesn't need make up to shine.

Mohga will be with us for this edition and we can't wait to meet her. She's the perfect example of how a strong, independent, powerful and beautiful woman should be.

You can check her beautiful photos on her IG profile @mohgaelghandour