My name is Daryia, I’m 20 y.o. and I am so proud to represent Scotland at this contest. From the age of 6 I started preparation for such type of shows and I knew once it would happen. Are u guessing, how “? Here is the story of my success.

When I was a child, I loved to try the dresses on, do a make-up, and spoil my mom’s shoes. But no one knew that it would go so far... I started organizing beauty contest and concerts with all the girls from my street where I lived and ofcaurse I liked to be the “face” of the show. Was it a child’s joke or no, but all the neighborhood loved our concerts. Then I went to a modeling school to turn this joke to the serious way to my dream. 

I love cameras, I like to pose, I like photographers. When I moved to London, I started receiving offers from the local photographers. And they are still recommending me to each other. When fashion is your passion, it might be your profession. This thought came to my mind when a lot of people made compliments about my style. It made me so happy and excited. I hope this contest will open for me the doors into the serious modeling and fashion world. I don’t want to fight for being called “a model” and being famous. I wanna enjoy the process. I want to show that nowadays in 2022 the lady still can inspire people, be a model, influencer without having an extra height. I believe that charisma, skills, and confidence are the key to success. I know that all women are beautiful and must keep women’s energy. And my main message for all the ladies is “stay unique, don’t compare yourself with slim ideal bodies, with photoshopped faces! Just take care about yourself and your body and do things which brings u satisfaction. This is more efficient than fillers in your lips!”