“Hi everyone, my name is Claire Micallef and I am representing Malta in the Multinational edition of Miss Europe Continental 2022. Modelling has always been a huge passion of mine and I have been in the modelling industry since I was 15 years old. I have modelled both in Malta and abroad. I am passionate about photo modelling and I have had photoshoots in different countries across Europe. I also love catwalks and I have participated in different beauty pageants and fashion shows both locally and abroad. 

I am keen about my education. I believe that no matter how much you know, you never know enough. I am a European Studies University Graduate. During the course I studied politics, law and economics. I also plan to pursue a Masters degree in the near future.

I am passionate about fitness and I train consistently at the gym. My favourite sports are Muay Thai boxing and football. Fitness helps me with modelling and to feel my best. I highly believe that apart from the physical benefits training gives, it helps a lot more mentally as well.

I am also passionate about travelling. I have travelled to a lot of countries and I have also lived in other countries such as Poland and Spain. I went on Erasmus in Poland, where I studied Political Science and I went on a traineeship in Spain, where I worked in Business Law. The next step would be to travel to countries outside of Europe and who knows, maybe one day live somewhere else as well!

I would describe myself as passionate, motivated and willing to take on new challenges. I always try to push myself as much as I can in order to become the best version of myself. 

I am thrilled and proud to be representing my country, Malta in Miss Europe Continental this year! I cannot wait to see what this journey brings as I have been preparing for it since last year and I cannot wait to meet everyone, enjoy the whole experience and give it my all.

I hope that my journey inspires and motivates many. I hope I inspire you to feel good in your own skin, get outside your comfort zone, try new experiences and do them with passion. I hope you get the courage to go after what you want and never give up. Always remember that failure is not the opposite of success but it is part of success”.