Today let’s meet our beautiful miss, Chloe Richardson, that will take part in our European edition.

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your story.

Since I was a child, I have been in love with clothing and foreign cultures. Additionally a perpetual passion of mine is foreign cultures. As the time came to enter the university I wanted to study everything, as my curiosity thrived with experience. I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design with a concentration in Functional Biological Textiles.

2. What do you do in life and what are your dreams?

I currently work as the Creative Director for my own Company in Southern Germany, "Anzünderin." Since I had a concentrated study of Biology; the environment is one of my highest priorities. I create Couture-Fashion out of "Rest Fabrics" and up-cycled clothing garments (which would otherwise be discarded). Additionally we are beginning to acclimate Biological functioning fabrics into our research. I have a couple of dreams- one is to continue creating waste-free Couture Garments and then at some point, through the perseverance of the company, I dream to open up a language school. I think the greatest gift is to appreciate foreign cultures. 

3. What do you expect from this experience?

I expect for the Miss Europe Continental experience to be able to gain a piece of confidence that I have never had. I am not only going to a beauty competition filled with strong, smart, beautiful women- as a candidate, but I am also going to represent my own designs. I am eager to learn more about myself through this experience. 

4. What advice would you give to other competitors?

I think it is important to stay humble, be kind to ourselves and kind to others. 

5. How are you preparing to face in the best way?

I am making sure that I am taking really good care of my mind, body and soul together. This includes wholesome foods, lots of rest and exercise. I take a lot of time for myself mentally as well. 

6. Tell us about your future projects

To continue pushing my creative expression and to have other fashion-environment-loving clients appreciate the garments we produce, learning about myself, and enjoying life through new experiences . Thank you so much for this opportunity !

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