I’m Miss Europe Continental Estonia 2022 living in Los Angeles, California. I’m very exited to participate in Miss Europe Continental because that contest born with aim to enhance the feminine charm and the cultures of the different countries which is exactly about me since I’m “citizen of the world” European and living in US also doing modeling from 14 years old all over the world and now running my Beauty Company MHQueen which is 1st PRO Magnetic Lashes. Also I having a group of “women’s empowerment” where I can share my experiences, give support and help others. I’m inspiring women to achieve their dreams and grow self confidence.

As well, I’m holding Master’s Degree in Finance and before launching my company I worked in corporate world. But today I can go with my passion for beauty and fashion.

I’m super exited to come for Final in Italy as I share vision of Miss Europe Continental and see my self as a great fit which will inspire other women to follow my steps and believe more in their dreams.