I used to live life as I wished since I was a child; it has its conseguences but I was always a head of others. I got hit harder, but there is no experience without vulnerability. I preferred to get hit but test, be rich and pround of myself to act as I liked to. I was strong enough to behave this way.

I failed, I cried a lot, I suffered but broke routine, since it is fatal. It doesn't let you shine. Doesn't allow you to grow and know how strong you are. 

I dreamt to be a fashion model, since I was a kid. I started my activity secretly when I was turned 16. Being famous, gave me self- satisfaction. I signed my official contract when I was 19, while at the age of 20 years old, I was the official model of a clothing brand and my dream became true.

I gradually understood that in order to crown this dream, I have to try futher and organize my mind and got discipline in my life. I have got this opportunity at Miss Europe Continental to express myself and prove to me how capable I am to compete, to shine and to win the competition.

Always keep your standards high, keep your desires high and it shows you how powerful you are.