Today we meet our beautiful Belle from Slovenia.

About herself she says:

‘’My name is Belle and I'm from Slovenia. I've been playful with social media for a few years now and travelling. I find a lot of excitement in those departments + cooking. I've been plant based for almost a decade and have been a firm believer in helping the helpless and the ones without a voice.

 As I have mentioned, social media, traveling and veganism are a priority in my life. I’m Trying to do good for myself and others as passing through time and places is something I hope to succeed in. I like to take it slow and be adaptable with my future and dreams since I can't pinpoint the ideal path for me yet.

For this competition  I have not put much consideration on the experience besides wanting to enjoy the days with the team and meet great people and see where it leads to.

My advise is to be yourself, have fun and enjoy the experience we all decided to be part of.

And for  myself I Try to stay in the stress free zone, take care of myself before and visit Italy as a bonus no matter how the experience will end.

My project for the future is  working in the media, traveling and maybe opening my own business.’’

Let’s follow her profile: