My name is Marina,I am 30 years old. My hobby is to be a blogger,model,and influencer. I like to take beautiful pictures,to show nice places that I have visited.I am living right now in Dubai with all my family. I have a daughter,who is 7 years old. I have finished university in Moscow, my specialization is accounts,bookkeeping. But I have decided that it’s not my future work,so I came one day on vacation to Dubai and accidentally found a job. I have started to work like a real estate agent. By chance my sister also wanted to change her place,so we decided that we are moving all the family. Right now I am living in Dubai for 4 years and I don’t know the place better than it. It’s so safe,clean,secure,people are nice there,service top.

2. Right now I am still a real estate agent and I have opened a beauty salon,where we do hair,nails,brows,eyelashes,massages and different kinds of treatments. My dreams are to grow with my salon,to open new branches and to open maybe something else. I want to be a strong lady,to have stability in life. My dream is that my daughter can study in the best university and I wish she can become a model because she has all the qualities.

My dream is to have peace all over the world. And my dream is that my family would be healthy.

3. Honestly I am not expecting anything except experience. It’s my first time to be in this kind of competition. Of course every girl wishes to win, but for me the best is to win the hearts not the game.

4. Not to be nervous, this might be just the beginning of your career and it’s not bad sometimes to fall or to lose,like this we become stronger.

5. This event gave me motivation to be better, I wanted to thank this competition for challenging my body, I was a bit lazy before,but now I am on the right track. So my goal is to make the most from my body and at the same time to stay natural. I think God gave each girl some gift,so we need to find it and open it,like when the flower is blooming. I think even if I don’t win, at least I will motivate many girls to stay natural and not to do plastic surgeries because beauty is not only outside,the main beauty is inside of you. So I could have gone to do some crazy stuff before this competition but I want to show others that nothing is better than natural beauty.

6. I have some projects which are coming big. I don’t like to share before it happens. So follow me and you will see soon.

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