Empowered women epower women. Let’s introduce the extraordinary Andjela Vitanova from Macedonia: beauty, intelligence and charisma. All the features you need to aim for success and achieve it.

“Hello world. My name is Andjela Vitanova, I come from a small but very beautiful country, North Macedonia.

I am a vascular surgeon and I also work in the emergency department full time. Apart of my love for medicine, my connection to fashion is always strong.

The biggest motivation to participate in a Contest of this kind is to present to this mediocre world that having a beautiful mind and soul and being a strong woman is possible. I have always been mesmerized by the works of art in the fashion industry, by combining fabrics to perfectly fit the human body as something created to show a character rather than a body.

Although it may seem strange, surgery and fashion have a lot in common, a thrive for success, perfection, a real work of art. Fashion is a state of mind. The magnitude of the impact of a woman in those fields is huge. 

I am glad I have this amazing opportunity to be part of a big event as Miss Europe Continental to deny all the common misunderstandings about beauty and brains as a combination . My goal is to make the audience and the world see that beauty and fashion are an amazing combination with education and non-conventional jobs and that a woman can fit everywhere in the both worlds and a true balance can be achieved . Many people have asked me “why are you a surgeon and not a model?”. To be perceived as a smart and a beautiful woman is a tough job.

Finally I will have an opportunity to be a part of a beauty contest here and to show the world that beauty and brains come together. Beautiful women can be well educated and on a serious position, can be human and altruistic. The depth of the combination is to percieve the mindfulness, the true beauty of our life. This contest will be perfect to start a mission of life. I am a woman who sees from behind the scenes everything that is wrong with the world, and with this step I can reveal the beauties of the world to me, as well as the true beauty of being a woman in a men’s world.

My plans for the future are to be able to help as much as i can, to touch as many lives as i can, to spread kindness through different channels. Miss Europe Continental will help me achieve my deepest dreams and goals”.

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