I'm Ainhoa Barreiro, I am 23 years old. Since I was little I liked to pose in front of the camera and put on makeup but I didn't begin to discover my passion for fashion until I was 20 years old when I decided to join an agency and investigate more about being a model. I haven't had many opportunities because when I most wanted to take off as a model, the pandemic caught me and it made it very difficult for me to continue my career, so now I want to continue working as an international model and traveling.

I study image consultancy and I do sports daily. My dream would be to dedicate myself to the world of fashion, take off as a model and have more opportunities because I am passionate about fashion. Later I want to finish my studies and be an image and model consultant.

At Miss Europe Continental I hope to have very exciting and unique moments, grow as a person and as a professional model in the fashion industry and I hope to enjoy every moment to the fullest, have fun, meet new people and be able to fulfill my dream.

I am physically preparing for the Miss Europe Continental final, I take care of myself with my daily routines of exercise and healthy eating, and mentally, since it is also a very big challenge for me.

I hope to grow as a model, I am sure that it will open new doors for me in the fashion industry as a model and also by the time I finish my image consulting studies to become better known in this industry.

Here you can find her profile: www.instagram.com/_ainhoa_b/