My name is Lydia Llorens Cervera, I born in the town of Vallbona (Spain), on February 21, 1989. My parents are two wonderful people who have raised my brother (the best gift that life gave me) and me, following some values very marked as respect, humility, trust and, of course love.

When I was little I didn't like playing with dolls, or with makeup, I was more… masculine, I preferred a ball, and playing with the boys in my class. It was when I was 16-17 years old that I started wanting to dress in a more feminine way, I bought my first tight jeans, my first makeup, etc.

At 23 years old, after finishing my career as a nurse and not finding a job due to the situation Spain was going through, I embarked myself on an adventure and moved to Berlin. There, I spent the first 5 months studying the language, since I never had contact with German before and did not understand even a "Hallo”. A year and a half later I moved to southern Germany, and started working in an intensive care hospital, and three years later I decided to start working in Switzerland in gynecology and oncology.

I love my job, nursing is a wonderful profession. I have always liked the world of photography and modeling, but it was in the summer of 2020 when I decided to discover it in the first person, and it simply fascinated me. I consider myself a strong, confident, intelligent, determined woman, without fear, I have never needed the help of anyone to achieve what I proposed to myself (I owe this to my admirable mother who instilled it in me very well since I was little), I never give up when I have a goal, and I like to help others achieve theirs.

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