In the past, the women's hat was used not only to protect oneself from the cold but above all to repair the hair from masculine gaze, since it was considered one of the elements of feminine charm and seduction.

Depending on the epoch, the shape, size and even the fabric changed, but the hat has always been a fundamental element in fashion.

Today, as then, hats have returned to being a cult element to complete a glam and elegant or more sporty look, present in all the major fashion brands catwalks.

It is true, however, that not everyone is willing to wear one but when you find the one that suits our face and our style, taking it off becomes almost impossible.

Our next finalist Mina Jay, like any reputable fashion girl, has followed the trend and on several occasions she wear hats of different shapes and colors giving that extra touch to her outfits, take a look at her page @minajayofficial to get inspiration.