Today we meet our Miss Europe Continental Slovenia, Sylvia Valentine. She is a very nice, sweet and rich of contents girl , as you can see she has many passions.

About herself she says: "I’m a dancer, actress, voice-over artist, event organizer, host and, hopefully, a future film director. Even though I graduated from the University of Ljubljana in Management and Economics, art has always been a huge part of my life. I’ve worked in the Indian film industry and was fortunate to have experienced many aspects of film production. Currently I’m planning to pursue my Masters Degree and take part in voluntary work with an established organization. I am also a teacher of English as I grew up in a bilingual family and I love to work with children and the elderly. Presently I’m working on my first very own language books for children. I’ve also just obtained a paramedics certificate with Red Cross Slovenia.’’

• What do you do in life and what are your dreams?

‘’As I’ve mentioned, I work in linguistics and pedagogy – both as an English teacher and dance instructress. The pandemic has brought the movie industry in India (where I used to work) to a halt. Life has definitely taught me to be more flexible and adaptable so I always create backup plans. However, I aim to pursue my career in the film industry as a filmmaker. But my vocation is definitely also in teaching. It is very fulfilling to see my students grow and it makes one develop a sense of empathy and observation.  As a former Management graduate, I love strategies. Despite all global obstacles, by the grace of God, everything will go according to plan.’’ 

• What do you expect from this experience?

‘’The objective should always be learning. The essence of our existence is based on learning and utilising knowledge. Besides, I reckon it’s a great platform for visibility and networking. In today’s day and age the two are crucial. With the acquired skills and connections I’m sure to grow as a person and support the people I do even more. And it’s undoubtedly a huge step in my personal show business career. I consider being part of this spectacle a victory already.  I could sum up my approach towards life with the following quote by American comedian Milton Berle: “If Opportunity doesn't Knock, Build a Door.” 

• What advice would you give to other competitors?

‘’Always work on meaningful relationships with people. Stardom, youth, the limelight are not everlasting. At the end of the day, being surrounded with loved ones and having good relations with people are what matter most. At the pace we live in, we often neglect the importance of this.  Inner beauty is incomparable and indestructible. No matter what the occasion is – a pageant or daily situation. I also consider travelling as a medium of learning about foreign cultures, reading, and simply acquiring any practical skill an ace up the sleeve."

• How are you preparing to face challenges in the best way?

"’Working on inner beauty is a lifetime project, but I try to be as disciplined as possible with my lifestyle. No extremes – just a healthy nutritious diet, daily workout and walks in nature. I take time to be with my grandmother and try to be a helpful and grateful individual whenever I can.  I’ve had private classes with former Miss Europe Continental Slovenia Laura Škvorc to polish my catwalk and camera posing. And I’m learning some Italian. I’d love to communicate in Italian once I reach beautiful Naples.’’ 

• Tell us about your future projects.

"I’m currently writing bilingual language books for Slovene children with the aim of helping them learn English in a fun and productive way.  I’ve also sent my application to a voluntary organization in Armenia and hope to contribute to the wellbeing of the local youth.   I plan to release my first music single by producer Ali R Taha within a few months.  God willing, I will soon be able to pursue my Masters Degree in film direction and, in parallel, continue to work as an educator in Slovenia and further afield."

Let’s look to her profile: