The Miss Europe Continental International Finals are getting closer and let's get to know our finalists. Beautiful, determined, professional: Lynda Merdji is with us to represent Algeria. She introduces herself:

“Hello everyone, let me introduce myself: my name is Lynda, I am 19 years old and I am of Algerian and Italian origin. I am happy today to participate in Miss Europe Continental which was a dream for me a few years ago.

I really like the world of fashion and I have been in it since I was a child. I participated in Topmodel Europe where I ended up as semifinalist, after which I developed a great community on the networks through my photo shoots.

I have been able to meet wonderful people like make-up artists, photographers, designers and all the people who do the work behind the shots. They are incredible people and their work makes the models feel at ease; it's a wonderful result and I thank them.

In life I like to travel, to meet different cultures. I have traveled a lot, both for personal and professional reasons, for example I have been to Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain and London. I also like to take time to devote to my family, to take pictures and talk to my community on the networks. I am a motivated, educated and respectful person. I know where I am going and I know I have a bright future because I am the only person who can decide this. I would like the generations of tomorrow to fight for their purpose and never give up their ambitions for success despite failure”.

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