Miss Europe Continental goes ahead with the preparations for the international finals, and with great pride continues with the presentation of the candidates. It is the turn of Benedicte Jensen, from Norway, a young and genuine beauty who presents herself with all the authenticity and spontaneity of her dreams and ideals. Here is her letter, enjoy it!

“My name is Benedicte Jensen, I’m a 20 year old girl from Norway who’s always loved to step out of her comfort zone. I was first signed with a model agency when I was 14, but we unfortunatly didn’t see eye to eye and when I was 16 I decided to leave the agency for my health. Since then I haven’t tried to sign with any new agency, but hopefully I will in the future.

My biggest passion in life is animal wellfare. Since I was a little girl I’ve always had an extreme sense of compassion for animals and I’ve been extremly interested in how they live as animals in their natural habitat. One day I’ll take that interest into an education, but for now I study HR, organizational psychology and leadership in Oslo, Norway. 

I’m super excited to participate in Miss Europe Continental because it’s very out of my comfort zone and I’m not particularly girly in that way. I would love to embrace more of my feminine side and to feel confident. I think that the best way to grow is to constantly push your limits, and for me, this is a way to push myself, to find out more about me as a growing woman. I would love for this participation to open some doors for me and I can see myself advocating for causes that I stand for and want to be a voice for. I would love for my social media to grow so that I can speak up about the stuff that fills my heart and soul with joy and fulfillment. I really think that this opportunity that I’ve been given is a milestone and a great start to a bright future. 

With love, Benedicte Jensen”.