Today we know our Miss Eliz Yigit:

“My name is Eliz Yigit, I’m Scottish by the age of 18 years old and I am representing one out of two of my ethnic backgrounds Türkiye!🇹🇷 I currently live in a small county called Fife in the area of Eastern Scotland and have done so since I was born. I am on this journey to learn more about myself, expand myself and hopefully be on the path to my dreams I have for myself.

I am currently studying at the moment and have been in education at college for 3 years. Following this I work 2 jobs outside college that I absolutely love. Thanks to both jobs for making it fun every time I go in it doesn’t even feel like work! Although this, I believe this isn’t for me as I have big dreams for myself meaning me being my own boss in whatever I do and decide to do with my life, I believe you can do anything you put your mind to and always have faith when doing so! This is where and why I have taken this opportunity on board as I believe and I am ready to receive bigger dreams and achievements for myself. I am super grateful for being contacted and to be entering into this possibly life changing event!

In regards to this experience, I’m going in with a mindset of I am going to accomplish this for myself and my future but not just that but to learn about myself and just in general be happy and proud of myself that I have done this!  In life I see it as if you really want something, put all your time, energy and focus into it and go with it with a leap of faith within yourself. I believe this opportunity will work out whatever way it is supposed to for me. As they say everything always works out in your favor if you believe so.

In line for my future I have certain ideas and plans to move forward, until then I am on one journey at a time and this is the one for just now.”

Here is her Instagram profile: