Mrs. Maida, you are the vice president of Miss Europe Continental. When did you join the organization of the competition? What does your role consist of?

"I have been collaborating with the organization since 2014, the year in which the second edition of the Contest took place. I joined Miss Europe Continental as project manager of the competition, driven by the interest I have always had in the world of fashion and entertainment, to then grow over time and acquire new skills and roles of greater responsibility within the team.

Today I have many responsibilities, but above I have to coordinate the activities concerning the partners who collaborate with the competition, in Italy and in the rest of the world: therefore I am referring to our partner agencies, to the sponsors that support the Contest, to everyone. our collaborators and the candidates ”

How are you preparing for the new edition? It has already been postponed for a year due to the Coronavirus emergency. Are you taking any precautions in this regard?

"Unfortunately we had to postpone the event for a year, to protect the candidates and all our collaborators, and be sure to carry out the event in total safety. But this did not discourage us, on the contrary we faced this difficulty making it a strength for us, taking advantage of the time we had available to organize more than one single event. In fact, for the first time, Miss Europe Continental will not limit itself to having just one event, the historic and prestigious European Final, but we will offer our public the International Finals, in which girls from all over the world will participate.

The events will take place between November and December 2021: we have chosen these dates, therefore at the end of the year, to make sure we have all the time necessary for the situation to return to normal and that the conditions were optimal for the holding of an impressive event like the our".

What do you think is the real distinctive mark of Miss Europe Continental? What makes it different from other beauty contests?

"In recent years I have made a careful analysis of all the beauty contests at national and international level: they are really many and of different levels. However, at the moment there are no beauty contests in Italy, or rather in Europe, at the same level of Miss Europe Continental, considering the very high level of production that distinguishes our show, and also the beauty of the candidates who participate in the event.

Furthermore, there are no other beauty contests, of international importance, which choose Italy as the venue for the competition, an exclusive location and always a point of reference for fashion worldwide.

Above all, our strength compared to all our competitors is to guarantee our best candidates a continuation of work after the event, as we give them the opportunity to stay on our own catwalks, to affirm their career through our company and above all to constantly provide training and preparation, to improve more and more in this area, in which preparation and discipline are essential".

Can you tell us any news about the next edition? First, you inaugurated 2021 with a new headquarters. What else?

"The main news is that the competition has opened registrations to girls from all over the world, going beyond the European borders. After the success of the last edition, there were really a lot of registrations, and also the requests for membership from sponsors and overseas fashion agencies, so we decided together with the whole team to take this new path, certainly challenging, but we have no doubts on the fact that we will get satisfaction, always aiming to do more.

We inaugurated our new headquarters too, which is practically a tale of everything that has been Miss Europe Continental in recent years. The covers of the international magazines that have published articles on our Misses, the crowns and the photographs that tell the path made by the Misses during the days of the events here in Italy are shown on the walls”.

How do you organize a competition that has value both nationally and internationally? I guess it's quite challenging.

"It is, beyond all expectations. It is not just about meeting last year's standards, but guaranteeing that level and as we have done every year, organizing a better show than the previous year, with the difference that this year it will be necessary to coordinate activities for more events. We must ensure the right visibility to all participants and partners, and even the simplest activity needs to be planned in detail.

The team is the key to success! We surround ourselves with professionals for the production of the show, with highly qualified coaches who prepare and perfect our Misses, with managers who coordinate the various activities all year round from our commercial office, from where the entire project comes to life ".

Did you expect the success that Miss Europe Continental is having?

"At the first edition of the Contest there were thousands of established beauty contests, which could have eclipsed our success. But already from the second edition of the Contest, Miss Europe Continental has reached a very high level, becoming an example and source of inspiration for all existing contests, thanks to the commitment and hard work of all the collaborators and technicians of our team, led by the Patron Alberto Cerqua.

We have become the most important competition in Europe and today we aim to be the most important competition in the world, which is why this year we have chosen to inaugurate the new world phase of the Contest, which represents for us a rebirth after a very difficult period: we have chosen to make room for innovation and to expand all over the world”.

From your point of view, what feature must a girl have to aspire to the title?

“This is a very complex question, it is impossible to reduce what leads to the choice of the winner to a single thing. Over the years we have always had different winners, both in physical appearance and in personality. I believe it is a set of characteristics that make a girl unique and lead her to win the title: undoubtedly beauty, it is undeniable, but also personality, confidence, discipline, professionalism, poise, photogenic, and obviously a strong passion for everything that it's about fashion ".