"Hello! My name is Daina Ribeiro, I am from Portugal. I was born and lived for 15 years in Cabo Verde then I moved to Lisbon where I live now. 

Since I was born I have two professional passions in my life. The first one is to become a professional model and the other is to become a stewardess. Well the second one I already achieved, I have worked as a stewardess since 2017. I couldn’t be happier and satisfied with the job, I even use to say that as a flight attendant I don’t actually work, I live a dream! 

Being able to participate in Miss Europe Continental is pure gold above blue! I am super excited and already feeling lucky! My passion for being a professional model was the big incentive to participate in the contest. I want to have the opportunity to show the world that when we have a beautiful heart we look beautiful outside as well. 

I can’t wait to be Miss Europe Continental ambassador! Above all I know that winning this contest will give me the voice I don’t have yet. I’ve been noticed that world wild people are, some how, ashamed or afraid of living their dreams and assume who they really are. My goal is to work with those people and make them realize that life is a great gift and we should live it fully. I am a happy person and I believe when people are happy and satisfied they can spread peace without any effort."