Let's meet our Miss Europe Continental Sudan 2021!

Our beautiful model is Shahinda Mohamed, she was born in Sudan and she’s been living in Doha for the last few years. Shahinda started her model career there, she had stunning photoshoot in which her beauty is so simple and pure that she doesn't need makeup or filters: she is a natural beauty.

She is also a makeup model, you can find some photos about on her profile, but she always has her gentleness. Shahinda works hard to have a beautiful body and she trains also her mind by yoga session, that's the right key to being happy!

In these photoshoots we can see 3 different styles of our model: a total white style with a beautiful afro hair, a wilder mood with a super cute jumpersuit and in the end a soft weavy hair with a beautiful make up that let her face shine on.

We are so happy to have Shahinda with us, we can't wait to meet her!

You can check her beautiful photos on her IG profile @shahinda37