Braids are the perfect storm of past and present. In particular they’re firmly planted in today due to the fact that they perfectly frame your face for a selfie or a Zoom call. 

Braided tendrils are the latest trend to take the internet by storm, and they follow a similar formula. The look is exactly as it sounds: two tiny strands braided on either side of your face to create tendrils. But your old middle-school piece-y look this is not. Depending on how you style them, these small face-framing braids can have a boho ’70s feel or more of a ’90s look, drawing from both the grunge and street-style influences that were popular at the time. In fact, they’re very ’90s does ’70s—they’d be perfectly at home on Donna from That ’70s Show.

They’re also heavily inspired by social media trends themselves. Looser braids and waves have sort of a pastoral, milkmaid vibe falling into the cottagecore craze, while tighter braids are popular with edgy E-girls. 

Our stunning Miss Europe Continental Norway Sara Nilsen has a big passion for braids, that is why she usually follows this trend, as you can see from her Instagram profile: @saranilsen.