My name is Sajgál Sarah and I am 19 years old. I am from Budapest, Hungary. Contemporary dance is the driving force in my life, I have been doing it since I was three. In 2016. I won World Championship, in solo category. I have participated in many international championships and courses for 10 years. I started to organize my own company this autumn. It’s a wonderful feeling to pass on some real value. I am in love with teaching what I love.

Self-expression and first-impression have always been important values to me. That’s why I love designing, sewing and transforming clothes, fashion. I always try to be kind, helpful and honest: to be a good person. Modelling also helps in self-love and to became a stabile woman. I am never jealous, instead I get very excited for other people's achievements and inspiring traits. In my point of view, the best feature next to love is development. I consider myself as an extrovert, energetic and ambitious person.

I’ve took part in many photography, video clips, commercials, films, hostess works, catering through which I have acquired strong communication skills and adaptation.

I studied in Politechnikum that’s got an alternative school system. Then, I became a private student when I turned 18. The reason was that I can learn fast and I did not want to waste my time. I preferred to try myself in the real world. I currently have seven jobs, which also shows how important human contact and development are to me.

I love my family, I am very grateful to them for their support in everything.

-No matters what you do when you are the best of it.-