Wearing white during winter is not that usual, one's always afraid of getting dirty, or that it may seem “off-topic”, since it is extremely linked to summer as a symbol of hot weather and tanned skin.

However, we don't have to forget that white is the color of snow, as well as of many animals living in cold countries; even Santa wears a bit of white (apart from his beard) as representation of winter!!

So, thinking about it, putting on a white outfit during winter could be just as cool as during summer!
Moreover, white can help lighting up your skin, underlining the color of your eyes and hair, or even grabbing the attention on one accessory you want to highlight!

Of course, not everyone could wear a total white look!
You need to be self-confident, since every eye will be attracted by the light of this color among all the dark ones we're used to see during this season.

Our last edition finalist Nelly Rai seems wearing it in such a stylish way!
Take a look at her Instagram account (@nelly_rae) to steal her other fashion tips and ideas!