Being a beauty queen doesn’t mean only to be always beautiful and fashion. A queen is a girl who had the courage to get involved in a prestigious contest in order to realize her dream. So crowns are not only made of rhinestones. 

They are made of discipline, determination,  passion and boldness. All the efforts done to be always fit and smiling, all the preparation before the final show, all the amazing work will be rewarded by an amazing title but especially by amazing memories that will accompany the Miss for her entire life. 

Being a beauty queen means to get involved in fashion shows, shootings, interviews, to go in tv programs, to have a better career and to become more known in the world of fashion and of the entertainment. It means to travel the world, to participate in live shows and Red Carpet and to have an amazing sash about which being proud. 

Being a queen is an amazing experience, but also just participate to a fashion show or to a beauty contest like Miss Europe Continental is an important goal, since Miss Europe Continental Organzation provides works to all the contestants and especially it is a way to have visibility and to have unforgettable memories.