Today we are talking about the longuette skirt, the medium length skirt that reaches lower than the knee, up to the calf. This garment has been a must in all collections for some years, establishing itself as one of the coolest models from season to season. In fact, if you think about it for a moment, the miniskirts are sometimes a bit extreme, the maxi instead are often too demanding, then we focus on these skirts, whether they are full skirts, pencil or pleated. 

The longuette has now become the most loved by fashionistas, perfect for all occasions, from the office to the happy hour, it lends itself to many possible combinations.

But above all it is absolutely classy when worn in the evening, black color combined with sandals or décolleté with stiletto heels, a deep neckline and an important accessory that gives a touch of shine to the outfit.

Look at the fabulous Julia, Miss Belarus 2019, with this essential but at the same time refined look that makes her simply perfect! As usual, take a look at her looks @jullylala

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.