A Scottish handmade fabric made famous by a Frenchwoman: a young Coco Chanel saw a revolution in it, in 1920 she had the intuition to use tweed for her clothes, completely revolutionizing the stylistic canons of the time, and still today it is a must in every girl's wardrobe.

Tweed was a fabric used purely for men's clothing, raw, soft and natural looking. Coco saw in these masculine garments elegance and practicality together, a mix hitherto impossible in a feminine garment.

It was a real revolution: a fabric that was neither noble nor precious was elevated into a high fashion fabric and freed women from ancient constructions, becoming the symbol of a comfort that until then had been masculine.

Tweed became the distinctive feature of the Maison, a symbol of timeless elegance, worn over the years by iconic characters: Greta Garbo, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana.

In the photo the beautiful Polina Polenovich, Miss Europe Continental Russia 2019. With her natural beauty and innate elegance, she perfectly reflects Coco Chanel's revolutionary concept of femininity, the essence of a free, modern, elegant and seductive woman.

Fashion changes, but style endures - Coco Chanel