Poise? It's:
P: Postures
O: Own who you are
I: Intentionality
S: Self-awareness
E: Expression

It is not a question of height, stature is almost a state of mind. How many times have we heard these tips: raise your head, straighten your back, belly in and chine up, or don't cross your legs when you sit down. All these simple things contribute to improving what has always been an absolute symbol of class: poise.

Regardless of physicality, a confident walk and composure in the movements give refinement and make a woman extremely feminine.

Furthermore, maintaining a correct posture and having a good poise has beneficial results for our physical and mental well-being, because body language influences the way others see us, but also the way we see ourselves. Increasing our self-confidence has a huge impact on our chances of success in work and in life.

Just because poise is such an important element of our personality and our image, especially for women, here are some useful tips to always appear at the top:

Do sports, because it’s all a matter of muscles which, in order to support the weight of your body, need to be strong. Just a few hours a day, concentrate on the upper body to strengthen and train the muscles that will help you stay more straight.

Many women keep their shoulders in a closed position. Don’t do it! It makes us shy and clumsy. 

Even if you spend a lot of time sitting studying or in the office, you can keep your back aligned with the back of the chair, don't cross your legs, keep your feet on the ground and parallel to each other.

Elegance is also evident in this, having a correct sitting posture will immediately give you an extra touch in any context.

Sleep well and do some Yoga, it is a really useful exercise to maintain good posture even in moments of relaxation, moments in which, by totally relaxing the muscles, we risk to assume the wrong posture.

Poise therefore always represents, in any context, a lot of our personality, and very little is needed to learn a catwalk style!