Miss Europe Continental is among the most prestigious international beauty contests. Founded in 2013 by Alberto Cerqua who currently holds the position of president, the competition is organized by Miss Europe Continental Organization LTD. Initially the aforesaid contest gave access only to candidates resident on the European continent. 

Miss Europe Continental is an international beauty contest born with the aim to enhance the feminine charm and the cultures of the different countries participating in the competition. Based on the latest trends in fashion and cinema, this contest underlines the female beauty and with great pride the faces, bodies and relevant charm of the contestants. 

Let’s meet the winners from 2013 to 2019:

2013: Serena Petralia from Italy. The show took place in Bari, Italy.

2014: Nicole di Mario, from Italy. The show took place in Caserta, Italy.

2015: Lindita Idrizi, from Albania. The show was held in Paestum. 

2016: Anna Semenkova from Russia. The event was held in the theatre of Spoleto.

The final show takes place from 2017 in the city of Naples, and it was held in these three edition in the enchanting ‘Teatro Mediterraneo’ of Naples. 

2017: Natalia Varcenko, from Ukraine. 

2018: Araceli del Cont, from Bosnie et Herzégovine. 

And finally, from last edition of Miss Europe Continental 2019, Sara Taheri from France. 

Who will be our next winner? It could be you!