There are two major indicators for what styles we can expect: The fashion from the runways, and the fashion from the streets. The spring/summer 2020 runways give us a good indication on what new pieces will be popular, while the street style showcases what people are actually wearing

In New York, London, Milan and Paris the designers have staged their collections for the next season. Here is what will be fashionable in terms of colors, styles, prints, combinations and accessories :

1. Bright green. Already very strong for the autumn season, it will be a must in this season. 

2. Microbags or purses? They get smaller and smaller, so that they can be worn on the wrist 

3. Bermuda. After the biker shorts, shorts are once again a must. In different versions. 

4. Micro flowers. The print par excellence, seen under the microscope.

5. Amphibians vs boots. Sandals can wait.

6. Jumpsuit. Short or long. 

7. Ultraviolet. Already prevailed in 2018, it continues its climb. 

8. Shoulder bags. Maxi, colorful, and vaguely hippie. 

9. Single-color male. Timeless, it wins in neutral tones. 

10. 70s lenses. The seasonal glasses are maxi and with gradient lenses. 

11. Tropical prints. Palms, banana trees, parrots, monkeys and so on. 

12. The top on the pants. A little 2000s, we will see it as a new outfit for the evening (even on the red carpet). 

13. Crochet. Still 70s, multicolor and earth tones. Definitely boho-chic. 

14. Leopard and not only. A lot of zebra, but also a turtle. 

15. Denim mania. Jeans were surprisingly present on the catwalks of the great designers.

16. Orange. Always bold, on flowing dresses or overcoats of character. 

17. Macro jewelry. Sculpture bracelets, but also large earrings. 

18. Polka dots. Always in black & white. 

19. Polo shirt. Ribbed, thin cotton. Very minimal. 

20. Buckets. Leather or woven, picnic or city 

21. Blush pink. The prevailing style is super feminine.

22. Sports hats (and wide-brimmed). Whimsical, but practical. 

23. Check in light tones. The squares are declined in pastel. 

24. Raffia. For clothes and accessories. 

25. Microshorts. In satin or denim, very high legs. 

26. Jacquard upholstery. Still 70s, but more bourgeois. 

27. Mocass (o) ni. The heel is maxi. 

28. Neutral tones. Even in a softer version. 

29. Male lines. The sky blue shirt is a must. 

30. Special trench coats.