The Patron Alberto Cerqua officially announces the collaboration with NCG Television, the television platform that will broadcast the international finals of Miss Europe Continental.

NCG Television (Network Creativity Generation) is an international company dealing with television, cinema and video productions. The company produces and distributes educational, cultural, scientific, sporting, social and entertainment video-television programs through a latest generation digital platform, which can be viewed on your home SmartTV, Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

The Patron says he is enthusiastic about this collaboration, explaining why:

"Miss Europe Continental is an internationally renowned Beauty Contest that once again confirms its dynamism, going hand in hand with current trends and meeting the modern needs of viewers.Television has always been the most popular entertainment tool, but today viewing of TV content no longer takes place only on television screens. In recent years the way of watching TV has changed with the introduction of new technologies and distribution platforms that allow access to content on demand and to other models and solutions introduced thanks to the web. People all over the world watch content on demand on the devices of their choice and require more personalized experiences, which adapt to their commitments and their free time. I believe that this type of TV platform will be the trend for the next few years, offering the possibility to choose what to see and when to see it, and from any device, without having to adapt to the programs and times proposed by the broadcasters television".