Let's start from a simple assumption: a look, however stylish, cannot be said to be truly complete without the right lingerie. And in fact, a mistake we often make is to think exclusively of the dress, neglecting the underwear (or reserving the most chic outfits for special occasions).

But bras, briefs and bodies are instead a precious ally even in everyday life because, if chosen with care, they support the curves, enhance the silhouette and in some cases even minimize defects, with the result that the fitting of the clothes is impeccable.

Moreover - another aspect not to be underestimated - it is practically mathematical that with the right underwear on every woman feels instantly more beautiful, at ease and confident: seeing is believing!

That's why the right attention must also be paid to what is worn "under".

The choice is vast, from sensual lace to see-through tulle, from the finest silk to seamless cotton for the most skin-tight garments: choose your style!