Spotlights on the red carpet of the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

THAT WILL TAKE PLACE FROM 02 TO 12 SEPTEMBER. The Venice International Film Festival is the oldest in the world, after that of the Oscars. His award is the famous ‘Leone d’oro ‘. The most discussed part is undoubtedly the red carpet:

With the red carpet on 2 September, the curtain officially opened on the 77th edition of the Venice Film Festival. A particular edition, yes, but which seems to have no intention of making us miss the magic of couture, which every year attracts the attention of the media as much as the titles in competition. Because if there is a place where you can still dream it is the cinema, and if there is one thing that still makes us dream it is the looks of the stars on the red carpet: elegant, precious, ethereal; like who wears them.

On the red carpet we witnessed the parade of dresses of all kinds from bustier dresses to kimono dresses, sequined dresses, floral embroidery and feathers.

Fantastic our Miss Europe Continental 2016 Anna Semenkova on the red carpet of the Venice festival.