The fashion week of February 2020 has officially entered the history of fashion. Streetwear has been definitively abandoned as it is no longer at the top of popularity, while creativity is educating to a new femininity, strong and aware, free from stereotypes.

The decline of this trend also coincides with the awareness of a more sustainable wardrobe, durable collections are preferred and often made with fabrics that care about our planet. To complete the picture, or rather the looks of the new generations, are the vintage garments and accessories, bought in the markets or fished out of the wardrobe of the mother or grandmother.

Below is a list of 10 garments that we will wear during autumn 2020:

• ‘40s, silhouette and knee hems;
• Bermuda;
• Shirt with ruffles;.
• Oversized tailored coat;
• Victorian white collar workers;
• Cardigan;
• Chains;
• Polo neck;
• Foulard (or handkerchief) on the head;
• Fringes;