One of the most important things to do to look at our best is probably to take care of our skin. Eating healthy and drinking enough water during the day are probably the most important advices to follow, but it doesn't stop there; taking care of our skin from the outside too is also really important. For example, using a cream cleanser is a great way to start, and it's also important to select one that's not overly drying or harsh.

Many people who had oily skin earlier in life use products that are too drying, which sends a signal to the skin to produce more oil and creates a vicious cycle of dryness and oiliness. Getting the skin clean without overdrying keeps it stable and reduces the risk of irritation.

Follow with a moisturizer containing sunblock during the day. Makeup or foundations containing sunscreen often are not applied thickly or evenly enough to provide adequate protection.

And at last, at night apply an anti-aging product. Active ingredients to look for in over-the-counter or prescription products include glycolic, ascorbic,or retinoic acid (known as retinol in OTC products).