Our lips are extremely unique and have different needs to the rest of the skin on our bodies. But unfortunately lip care isn’t something that crosses everyone’s mind. Most of us will have a daily facial and hair routine, but our lips can be somewhat neglected and ignored, while they also need a bit of attention to keep them healthy.

They can they become chapped, dry and split if ignored, and the condition of our lips can also show a few secrets too, like dehydration, diet, and your age. Luckily, with the correct lip care routine and habits, you can combat these negative signs and avoid those unwanted lines from aging in the process. 

Some of the most common and useful tips to take care of your lips may be:

1.Exfoliate your lips with bought or homemade lip scrub, which will help you getting rid of dead skin; 

2. Stay hydrated, because not drinking enough is one of the most common causes of dry skin;

3. Check all your products before using them. Needless to say that if they're expired you should get rid of them as soon as possible; 

4. Using product made out of shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil might be the right choice, since they’re really good for your lips in order to make them look better and healthier;

5. Use said products to also protect your lips from the sun and weathering in general, since both hot and cold weather can cause damage to your lips;

6. Avera is a geat natural way to moisturize your lips other than lip balm; 

7. Take off your makeup before bed and always prepare your skin before using lipstick

These are just some of the most common tips to take care of your lips, but one of the most important things is probably to lick your lips as little as possible, since moisturizing them often with saliva will make it evaporate on your lips and dry them even more, which of course can damage them