Every day most women use some kind of makeup product and we all agree we would like to have a wide variety of eyeshadows, lipsticks and foundations, but this represents a big investment; especially if you are fond of high quality makeup brands, because as we all know, brand makeup is expensive. People’s need to follow trends and get these luxury brands at all costs, stimulated them to look for similar options in appearance but at a lower cost.

With a quick search on the internet this cheaper versions of most famous makeup products sold web sites that offer luxury products with seemingly same characteristics as in the original stores, but at significantly lower prices can easily be found.

 What these products' users aren't aware of is that many times they are deceived with copies, imitations or falsifications and although these products are more affordable, they can bring serious consequences to our health, since it is common that these products are manufactured with ingredients whose origin is unknown, many times containing heavy metals like mercury and lead, which is banned from cosmetic product manufacture.

Most of these products can make damages to our skin, and some of the damages that this kind of products can cause to your health could be: Skin and eye irritation, allergies, burning sensation, swelling, acne appearance and dry skin.

There are affordable quality products with suitable ingredients and dermatologically tested that can work perfectly and that you can finding in any pharmacy, and that will help avoid these kind of damages.