When it comes to wear jewelry, it is important to appeal to discretion, style and simplicity to be chic.

Jewelery etiquette tells us what are the rules to choose the right jewel to wear.

For example: the main point is a few precious and quality ones. Better to remove a jewel than to add it.

Going overboard with gold jewelry isn't glam at all!

Opt for a studied simplicity, dosing the jewels with wisdom and common sense, harmonizing them with the shape of the face, the silhouette and the look.

Jewelery with diamonds as well as creations with pearls can be mixed with modern styles and adapted to non-elite occasions, as long as with good taste.

The etiquette of jewelry includes wearing gold chains or pearl necklaces, rings with medium-value stones (aquamarine, jade, lapis, turquoise, coral, morganite, etc.) during the day, while jewelry with diamonds are suitable for the evening. White, or green emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires.

Important jewels are needed for important occasions. And let it be clear once again that the more important they are, the less you need to wear so many!

It takes measure and never ostentation in choosing jewels.

Miss Europe Continental Sara Taheri, she is always an example of good taste!