Photography, especially fashion photography, is not just a simple profession, it is not only a job or a hobby: it is art and creativity. It is artistic creativity because it combines two complex worlds: photography itself, with all its dictates and rules, and on the other hand fashion, which is the highest form of expression of the aesthetic sense.

This art was born in 1920 when the first fashion brands began to develop shoots with models in order to promote and sell a product. A brand may want to sell any type of product, clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, perfumes, cars, but also services or daily use objects: any product needs a good advertising campaign to be sold. So fashion photography is not just taking a few flashes in front of a model, but it is above all the combination of creativity, technique and passion that aims to make a product known to the public and so sell it. Lights, locations, retouches, post-production: the world of photography applied to fashion is not at all simple!

A complex profession therefore destined to promote an event, capturing its most important moments, on stage or behind the scenes; or aimed at creating an advertising campaign, through photographs that are in line with the concept of a brand and that tell it in the most direct way possible. Still, fashion photography can be for a fashion editorial, a kind of production made for fashion magazines or online magazines, or simply for an advertising catalog.