Lately we are increasingly talking about sustainability, a term that for better or for worse is on everyone's lips in various areas. If we think of sustainability as a practice to be carried out in everyday life, the question that could arise is: how can I make my daily actions sustainable?

There are many sectors converted to this new trend, which are trying to give their best for a definitive green-themed change. The fashion sector is one of these and has joined the trend for some time now, let's see how it is carrying out the change.

Being aware is the first step towards being sustainable. With this concept we intend to inquire about, for example, the garments we wear because sustainable fashion begins above all with labels. Numerous apps have been created that assign a value score to sustainable fashion brands based on working conditions, the use of animals and the environmental impact. If we weren't before, now we are much more aware of what a jacket, skirt, dress or trousers we really wear is worth. At least we know what's behind it. And who among us would not be happier to wear a piece of clothing that was created without harming the environment and workers?

With the radical change we talked about in the previous paragraphs, new terms about sustainable fashion have come to be defined as opposed to those used previously. The striking example is the brand new Slow Fashion that opposes and distances itself from Fast fashion, and then there are also circular fashion, Recycled e Upcycled fashion, Eco-friendly fashion etc.

If you are passionate about the topic and want to contribute significantly, read below a brief recap of everything you can do to continue to dress well, with an eye to the planet:

- Always read the labels;
- Anquire about the production of a brand that interests you;
- Invest in high-quality clothing that will last longer;
- Choose garments made with biodegradable and natural fibers;
- Recycle all the clothes you no longer use;
- Give new life to disused accessories.

Thinking about it is not difficult, we follow all these simple steps ... and the planet will thank us!