Strow hat is an essential accessory for all the girls who want to be fashion in summer 2020, it is a symbol of style and beauty. There are several styles of straw hats, but all of them are woven using some form of plante fibre. Many of these hats are formed in a similar way to felt hats; they are softened by steam or by submersion in hot water, and then formed by hand or over a hat block. 

Finer and more expensive straw hats have a tighter and more consistent weave. Since it takes much more time to weave a larger hat than a smaller one, larger hats are more expensive. Neither too smart nor too casual, a straw hat straddles the sartorial line deftly and with great style – meaning it’ll look just as good with a linen suit at a summer party as it will on the beach paired with swim shorts and a Cuban-collared shirt. 

Strow hats are used a lot also by our Miss Europe Continental Sara Taheri, always fashion even in summer.