As a person who works with the amazing beauty contest of Miss Europe Continental, I can attest that there are certain beauty-related tricks of the trade. There are a handful of underground beauty pageant tips and secrets that only former queens can tell you.

Whether you want to become the next Miss Europe Continental, you’re looking for beauty pageant tips, or you want some quick and easy beauty hacks for every day life, I’m sharing 9 of the best-kept beauty queen secrets in today’s post. I hope you find them helpful!

1) Avoid wardrobe malfunctions by literally glue your garments in place.

Pageant girls (almost) never have any wardrobe malfunctions. You won’t see any flashing incidents or wedgies on the Miss America stage. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, the answer is two-fold: double-sided tape and butt glue. Beauty queens use double-sided tape (toupee tape works well, too) to keep evening gown cleavage under control and slits tactfully in place. They also use butt glue to keep their swimsuits from riding up while walking on stage.

2) Smile brighter by applying Vaseline on your teeth.

Whitening treatments can take weeks to work effectively. For a quick whitening boost, use Vaseline. Vaseline is awesome for many reasons, three of which are: it reminds you to smile, it acts as a protective layer against staining, and it prevents lip products from transferring onto your teeth, thereby keeping your lipstick in place

3) Use hot rollers to guarantee good hair days. 

It’s obvious that pageant girls wear extensions. That’s the #1 secret to fuller pageant hair. However, full hair can still look flat. Girls get voluminous pageant hair by wearing hot rollers in their hair for upwards of 8 hours– and sometimes overnight. It’s all worth it in the end, though. From personal experience, hot rollers are the way to go if you want big southern pageant hair.

4) Give yourself a visible glow with a temporary bronzing mist.

No, the gorgeous golden glow of beauty queens isn’t real. Although it’s risky to use during evening gown (even though the formula is water resistant, it can on occasion still rub off on your pretty white dress), this leg makeup works miracles during swimsuit. Some girls even contour their stomachs with it to give the appearance of sculpted abs.

5) Elongate your legs with a nude platform sandal.

The heels when purchased in nude, they give the facade of a much longer leg without a conspicuous high heel. 

Bonus Tip: Use sandpaper to abrade the soles of brand new heels. Stage floors can get slippery, and it can be difficult, both physically and mentally, to gracefully recover from a fall. Rub the smoothest parts of the sole with sandpaper to avoid eating it on slippery surfaces. It works like a charm!

6) Clean makeup stains with hand sanitizer.

How in the world do pageant queens keep their $2,500 white pageant gowns clean? The genuine answer is that they keep them in garment bags until it’s absolutely necessary to expose them to potential human error. If, however, makeup gets on an article of clothing, beauty queens and backstage hands oftentimes use hand sanitizer to remove the stain. Just apply the hand sanitizer to the stuck-on stain, wait about 10 minutes, and hand wash. Your dress, top, or swimsuit will be stain free!

Former pageant girls, did I leave any worthy beauty queen secrets or hacks off this list?
I've loved to share with you some of this tips.
More tips soon, stay tuned!!!