Only few people know the feminine concept of beauty is closely related to self-esteem. Over time it has been learned that female beauty is not synonymous with a beautiful body, a beautiful faceor an important breast. The beauty of a woman is closely linked to how she is in her body, the way she sees herself, the relationship she has with herself and her body. In fact, beauty is the awareness of yourself exactly as you are, of your value and your power and charisma, self-esteem, femininity and self-confidence.

It is not said that taking care of your body is wrong, indeed it is a beautiful gesture of love for yourself. But if this gesture is not accompanied by the awareness that in addition to appearance there is an essence that contains many other factors, you risk making your happiness, your well-being and your female self-esteem depend on the judgment of the outside world and acknowledgments that derive from it.

This type of beauty is linked only to the physical body and to everything outside of you. If there is no awareness of who YOU ARE beyond your physical beauty. You will risk feeling sad and frustrated if an expected compliment does not come or when you meet a woman more beautiful than you.  When you feel beautiful you are free, because you are in direct connection with your heart, regardless of your external appearance.

You are no longer a prisoner of a compliment, of the mirror that reflects an image that you don't like. You will learn that you don't need to change the mirror, but to change the eyes with which you look at yourself and the way you perceive yourself. This type of beauty is linked to female self-esteem and lo ve for yourself. 

Will you choose to finally feel beautiful?