Looking like a model is a thing, posing another. Models are not just beautiful girls. Their success in the industry comes primarily from their ability to pose and offer interesting shots to the photographer. Whether you want to enhance your modeling career or just become more photogenic, follow these simple tips:

- Dress up cute, it will make you feel more confident! Tight-fitting clothes can help define the shape of your body. Think of the hourglass, the most seductive shape for women! But remember to wear something that you are also comfortable in, there is no point in showing what you are not. Solid color works best in photographs. Patterns or stripes distract and bring attention from your face to the clothes.

- Do not point your nose directly at the camera.
Bring your feet and shoulders slightly to three quarters and turn your face towards the camera, it will make you look slimmer.

- Don't keep arms and legs outstretched, they make you look stiff. Keep your arms slightly away from your torso, with a slight bend of the elbow. This creates space, making your arms and hips appear smaller and more hourglass-shaped. Also bend the knee closest to the camera, putting weight on the furthest leg and moving the pelvis further back.
By moving the hips back you will get a more seductive look.

- Have a correct posture, it will make you appear more seductive, confident and less stressed. Once you are straight, bring your neck forward by moving your entire head, not just your chin. It looks weird but it works for your appearance in photos, it helps to eliminate double chin.

- Smile, breathe through your mouth, and touch your upper front teeth with the tip of your tongue. When we smile or laugh naturally, we tend to pull the chin back towards the neck, creating the dreaded double chin.

- Frame your face with your hands, without being too tense, place them gently. After all, your face is a work of art!

Who knows better than our queen Sara Taheri?