The world of fashion seeks sustainable alternatives to the most widespread and polluting petroleum derivative in the world of clothing.

Biodegradable denim, petals instead of feathers, glitter from eucalyptus and leather produced with cacti: eco-sustainable fabrics are the future of fashion: the material element, in fact, is the first step in the creation of sustainable garments that can, at end of their journey, be recycled rather than contribute to polluting.

The plastic free choice, in fashion, therefore passes through the enhancement of natural materials and organic dyes. There are more and more sectors and initiatives in our country aimed at breaking down the production and use of plastic.

By now at least 250 brands have joined this initiative, signing the New Plastic Economy Global Commitment with the aim of launching and accelerating the transformation and transaction of companies towards a circular and organic economy in order to drastically reduce pollution and plastic.

Also in the last Fashion Week there were different events aimed atthis topic. From the evening of the Green Carpet, up to the awards ceremony towards the houses fashion and stylists who have distinguished themselves for their respect for the environment. In short, a real eco-friendly event! 

It is impossible to give up entirely on plastic, but the industry is tireless in seeking alternative solutions, starting from recycling waste to new plant-based materials and Miss Europe Continental is committed to supporting the campaign against plastic.

Do something drastic, cut the plastic!