It is the trendy color since...well, it has always been!!

In every shade it appears, from make-up to hair dyes, pink never stops being the most famous color of the world! It is also the most ancient one according to some Australian researchers, “pink” was on earth around 1 billion year ago!!

Nowadays this color in fashion is comparable to black: indeed these two colors are the ones who most suit every kind of personality, of skin tone and of situation.

A pink make-up, being careful to match your skin tone with the right the shade of pink to use, would always give to your visage a fresh aspect.

Coloring your hair with a pink dye is a glam choice that will express your personality, either you are  punk, urban or even elegant.

Wearing pink clothes will highlight your appearance! Pink is the best way to look bright, even if one's tired!

As it is the most used color in fashion, it has many shades among which choosing, and you could even mix them together, for an extravagant look!

Take a look at how beautiful Nati Varchencko appears in her Pink looks!