Smartworking got us used to comfortable clothes. Now, thanks to fatigue and winter dullness, even the wardrobe needs a positive injection! 

The pandemic has also brought changes inside the wardrobe: thanks to the many hours spent at home and the fact that for many the office has moved to the living room, in March we saw a surge in the sale of loungewear as sweatshirts, leggins and slippers. If having discovered comfortable and enveloping clothes has had many advantages, it is also true that after months you begin to feel a lack of aspiration.

The solution ? Simple it takes color! it's time to dare a little. Surprisingly, the inspiration comes from the north: Scandinavian influencers, fashion editors and designers have demonstrated the importance of chromotherapy. Wearing bright colors has a proven antidepressant effect! Our Miss Norway 2019 has been able to perfectly combine comfort and color!