The new trend is to mix materials and colors to create surprising looks.

Mix & Match literally means, according to the Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms: the art of combining things that are not related.

It is one of the most followed new trends, but also an extremely slippery slope when it comes to fashion. This trend has as its basic rule the mixing of fabrics, styles and patterns to create innovative and daring looks.

The Mix & Match trend defies every rule of good taste. It is not limited only to mixing different styles in the same outfit, but also involves materials and colors, blending them together in a single creation with the aim of surprising.

And the more the combinations clash with each other, the more glamorous you are. What to do to get a perfect Mix & Match look? It is necessary to combine fantasies that clash in style and chromatism, material and mold, contrasting styles, in order to create strong contrasts.

An example? Sara Taheri, our reigning queen, seems to be totally at ease and well aware of how to mix different elements: bon ton braid, strong makeup, black latex top, animalier and very high heels. A mix of strong elements that, however, do not clash or are excessive, it turns out to be extremely cool. An example of style!

Creativity never goes out of style.